Gear Hire

Weekly gear hire is free to all members (membership type permitting).

Hiring Process

  1. Come down to the gear store at the allocated hire times
  2. Bring your SCUBA diving Certification, UoN Student Card and $20 deposit
  3. Pick all of the equipment off of the shelf that you would like to hire
  4. Show committee member student card, dive cert and hand over $20 deposit
  5. Read out gear ID's from each bit of gear to committee member at computer
  6. Go diving! (Air tank is already full)

Returning Process

  1. Wash off all of your gear as soon as you can after your dive. Take care to wash wetsuits inside and out, wash regulators with the dust cap, and drain all water from BCD before filling with fresh water, washing around and emptying again
  2. Fill up tank at local dive centre (be sure to ask for a N.U.D.E.S. discount)
  3. Return gear to gear store at allocated hire times
  4. Check off hired gear with committee member
  5. Place gear back on shelf

$20 Deposit

If you hire gear from the club you will be required to leave a deposit of $20. The deposit will be returned to you if the gear is returned properly cleaned, in working order and on time (within 7 days of hire). For practical purposes however, most members prefer to leave their deposit with us until the end of the year.

Those who repeatedly return gear in a poor condition may be required to pay a higher deposit for future borrowings, or have their borrowing rights and membership suspended by the club. Members are expected to pay for equipment that has been broken if it occurred through wilful damage or neglect. Lost equipment must be replaced or paid for.